Steve Yenisch Masters Fuel Strategy in Pocono Win

Steve Yenisch overcame a last place starting spot at Pocono, and used a clever fuel strategy to clinch a berth in the championship race. Yenisch decided to top off his tank after a Lap 1 caution, which allowed him to make it the full distance on just one additional stop.

Aside from the Lap 1 incident, which took out playoff contenders Michael Trevarthen and Jeff Yenisch as well as several others, the race went clean and green to the checkers. The extended green flag run led to varied pit strategies, with several drivers opting to make two stops. Ultimately, that strategy didn’t pay off, as the top finisher on two green flag stops was Hunter Waters in 7th position.

Johnny Avila, Adam Matz, Joshua Sarif and Trent Ringler completed the Top 5 and were also able to make it on one stop. However, their decision not to pit during the early caution flag was a difference-maker, as they were forced to conserve fuel to make it the full 60 lap distance.

In addition to Trevarthen and Jeff Yenisch, it was a heartbreaking night for Kyle Bromir and Ross Cado, who did not advance to the Round of 8 at Nashville Fairgrounds. For Bromir, it was especially frustrating, as his late-race fuel conservation forced him to cede the spot to Todd Guess, who was in the final transfer spot.

The Elite Series returns Sunday at Nashville Fairgrounds on Trackside Racing Network.


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