Cray Steals the Show at North Wilkesboro

Leveraging his previous real-world experience at North Wilkesboro, Todd Cray dominated the virtual version of the track, capturing the penultimate race of the Summer 2021 season.

A former late model and Goody’s Dash Series driver, Cray demonstrated his short track prowess, comfortably winning the pole award and easily pulling away from the rest of the field for a dominating victory.

Unfortunately for Cray, his elimination from the playoffs in Round 1 meant that he was running for just pride. Behind Cray, there was a fierce battle for the two remaining championship race berths. Jeff Yenisch, Duane Hunt and Hunter Waters each ran in the Top 5 during the early stages, however a decision to stay out on old tires at the midway point of the race proved beneficial to Hunt, as he stayed ahead of the mayhem that Bentley Glaser, Trent Ringler, Waters and Yenisch found themselves mired in late in the race.

At the end, Jesse Bunnell and Johnny Avila finished behind Cray. Adam Matz and Hunt, by finishing fourth and fifth, were able to take the final two playoff spots, joining Steve Yenisch and Johnny Avila as the Championship Four at Homestead.

Catch the championship finale at Homestead live on Sunday on Trackside Racing Network!


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