Glaser Wins at Texas; Hunt and Matz Advance to Final 4

Bentley Glaser is getting hot again at the right time, picking up his second straight and sixth overall win of the season at Texas Motor Speedway. Glaser ran down the leaders over the final fuel run and took advantage of a slight tire advantage and a strong draft to steal the win in the closing laps.

MPH teammates Duane Hunt and Adam Matz focused on the big picture and safely advanced to the Championship 4 with their second and third place finishes, respectively. Johnny Avila completes the Championship 4 thanks to his earlier win at New Hampshire.

In the final run, it looked to be a four-way battle for the final two Championship 4 spots, with Todd Cray and Jeff Yenisch also in the battle. Netcode contact between Cray and Yenisch off Turn 4 ultimately dropped them off the pace, with Hunt and Matz safely transferring as a result.

The race was slowed by only caution, when playoff contender Jesse Bunnell colliding with Johnny Avila on Lap 3. Bunnell was off the pace the rest of the night and retired just after halfway. The other championship hopeful Tyler Saville was up front most of the race, but faded late to finish sixth.

The Fall 2021 Championship will be settled at Nashville Superspeedway on Sunday, Dec. 12. Check out Trackside E-Sports’ coverage live on YouTube and Facebook Live.


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