Connors Wins an Intense ASL Clash at Daytona

Josh Connors edged a hard-charging Derek Pemberton to win the ASL Clash exhibition race at Daytona. After taking the lead from Johnny Avila with two laps remaining, he pulled ahead by a good margin when Avila got loose in the high line on the final lap, which took out several leaders. Pemberton charged from sixth place on the final lap to finish second, with Jeff Yenisch finishing third in the feature race.

Pemberton showed his prowess with the 1987 NASCAR stock cars by winning the open qualifying race and worked his way through the field after starting at the rear. If given another lap, he might have had a shot at sweeping the night’s races.

For Connors, the win caps off a remarkable comeback story, as a leg injury forced him to bow out early during last season’s Elite Series season. In his first race back in the series, he mastered a very challenging car and track combination, with the raw speed and bumpy surface of the legacy 2011 Daytona International Speedway proving to be a tall order for drivers that are mostly accustomed to driving more modern equipment.

American SimRacing League returns to action on Sunday, January 9th with the Super Late Model Tour making its debut at New Smyrna Speedway.


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