Pro2 Lite Road Race

The Pro2 Lite off-road trucks and road courses are one of the most fun combinations on the iRacing service. After the drivers of the American SimRacing League put on an incredible show using this combination during the winter of 2020’s Special Events Series, the league is bringing it back with a new twist!

On July 31, 2022, American SimRacing League will host a special event in the Pro2 Lite trucks at Watkins Glen. Kitty Kat Coin will be awarding prizes to the Top 20 finishers!

The race server will be in the “League Sessions” area of iRacing. You will not need a password to enter as a registered driver in the league. Entry to the server will be first come, first serve. The server allows for 43 maximum entries.

We ask all drivers to be in the Discord server before Qualifying begins. Trackside Racing Network may pull in drivers for interviews after the race. Most importantly, the top three finishers will be interviewed immediately after the race.

The Pro2 Lite Trucks are free for all iRacing members.

Race Settings:

Sunday 7/31/2022

Server Opens: 8:00 pm Eastern (open practice)

Qualifying: 8:25 pm Eastern (2 laps)

Heats: 8:30 pm. Two 5-minute heats

Main event Green flag: 8:30 pm Eastern (20 minutes)

Fixed Setup: roadcourse (default fixed setup)

Sim time: Noon at start of practice.

Weather: Realistic

Track state: 0% at start of practice, rubber carries over through each session. Marbles cleaned between sessions.

Cautions: None

Fuel capacity: 100%

Tire limit: None

Fast Repairs: 1

Initial Start double file