Driver’s Meeting – All-Star Race

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The race server will be in the “League Sessions” area of iRacing. You will not need a password to enter as a registered driver in the league. Entry to the server will be first come, first serve. The server this week allows for 43 maximum entries.

We ask all drivers to be in the Discord server before Qualifying begins. Trackside Racing Network may pull in drivers for interviews under yellow flag or after the race. Most importantly, the stage winners may be interviewed, and overall winner will be interviewed immediately after the race.

ASL’s second annual all-star event will use the Next Gen Cup Cars at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Sunday 6/26/2022


All drivers that did not win a race in the Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 seasons, or are not a past series champion, must race their way in through the Open. Only drivers will at least one career Elite Series start are eligible.

Practice: Server Opens 8:30 pm. 35 minutes.

Qualifying: None. Grid for the Open set by average finishing position (minimum 5 starts). Remaining drivers with fewer than five starts will begin at the back, with the number of starts determining the starting position.

Open Race:  9:05 pm Eastern

25 total green flag laps (3 stages). 

  • The winner of the first stage (10 laps) will transfer to the main event. 
  • The winner of the second stage (10 laps) will transfer to the main event.
  • The winner of the final stage (5 laps) will transfer to the main event.
  • One fans’ vote driver will be selected by the broadcaster to transfer to the main event.  If additional drivers are needed to grid at least 16 cars in the main event, the next best finishers from the final stage will be used.


In addition to the four transferring drivers from the Open, all race winners from the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Elite Series seasons, along with prior Elite Series champions will be eligible to participate.

Clinched drivers: Avila, Bromir, Bunnell, Cray, Gann, Glaser, Hunt, Matz, Ringler, Saville, Waters, S. Yenisch

Practice: Server Opens 9:05 pm Eastern. 25 minutes duration.

Qualifying, 9:30 pm, 2 minutes:  Single lap, closed session.

Pit Stop Challenge, 9:32 pm: An exciting head-to-head format to set the starting grid for the main event.  Two drivers will run three laps, with a mandatory green flag Stop and Go pit stop either on Lap 1 or Lap 2.

Race: Approximately 10:00 pm Eastern. 

  • Stage 1:  10 laps.  Stage winner automatically advances to Final Stage.
  • Stage 2:  20 laps with Broadcaster’s Choice Invert.  Stage winner automatically advances to Final Stage.
  • Stage 3:  10 laps with mandatory green flag pit stop for 4 tires.  Stage winner automatically advances to Final Stage.
  • Stage 4:  28 laps.  Last place driver will be eliminated every two laps until one driver remains.
    • There will be a competition caution when only 10 drivers are remaining, to bunch up the field.
    • Prior to Stage 4, and as required to maintain scoring separation during the competition caution, the three winners from Stages 1-3 will be waved around the pace car to be on their own lap.
    • Any driver who unlaps himself naturally against one of these three drivers prior to the competition caution will be put back one lap down during the yellow and will start ahead of the other drivers that did not unlap themselves.
    • Note: Stage 1-3 winners must be on the lead lap or in the Top 4 at the end of Stage 4 in order to transfer to the Final Stage. The starting order for the Final Stage will be determined by finishing position of Stage 4 among the transferring drivers. If a stage winner(s) fails to transfer, the next highest finisher(s) of Stage 4 will take their place and will start at the rear.
    • Any of the top four remaining drivers not on the lead lap will be waved around the pace car prior to the final stage.
  • Final Stage:  2 lap GWC.  The four stage winners will complete an unlimited number of GWC finishes to determine the event champion. The winner will win $50!

Fixed Setup: charlotte_oval_2018 (default fixed setup)

Sim time: Late afternoon (Open); Sunset (Main Event)

Weather: Default

Track state: Default. 

Cautions: Manual, only for stage breaks and any wrecks that occur with 2 to go/GWCs. Quickie cautions will be used to minimize the number of laps under yellow.

Restarts: Double file, including all lapped vehicles.

Fuel capacity: 100%

Fast Repairs: Unlimited

Tire limit: 0 sets for open, 2 sets for Main Event (1 set must be used during Stage 3)

GWC: Open: 1, Main Event: Unlimited

We will be using the new iRacing Start Zone feature. To learn more about the new system, check out the below video.