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ASL Clash

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The second annual ASL Clash at Daytona is open to all drivers of American SimRacing League! Drivers who will be joining us for the Spring 2023 season are also welcome to race as long as they are registered and have paid their upcoming season dues.

The ASL Clash at Daytona International Speedway will award a Buttkicker Gamer Plus to the winner! Check out all the info on this awesome grand prize!

The race server will be in the “League Sessions” area of iRacing. You will not need a password to enter as a registered driver in the league. Entry to the server will be first come, first serve. The server allows for 36 maximum entries.

We ask all drivers to be in the Discord server before Qualifying begins. WFO Racing Network may pull in drivers for interviews under yellow flag or after the race. Most importantly, the heat and top three finishers will be interviewed immediately after the race.

The NASCAR 1987 Cup Cars will be used for the ASL Clash. Track version is Daytona International Speedway – 2008 Oval.

Race Settings:

Sunday 12/11/2022

Server Opens: 8:00 pm ET

Qualifying: 8:25 pm ET. 2 laps / 5 minutes (lone qualifying format)

Heats: 10 laps (18 drivers max per heat). Top 10 drivers transfer.

LCQ: 5 laps. Top 5 finishers transfer. Any eligible pole winners from 2021 who don’t advance from the heats (among Krumrei, S. Yenisch, Gann, Avila, Matz, Saville, Hunt, Cray, Bunnell, Waters) are awarded a special advantage for the final transfer spots. These drivers will be waved around the pace car on the pace lap, and their final finishing position in the LCQ will be used to determine transfer status.

Feature Race: 20 laps (25 drivers max)

Fixed Setup: daytona_2008_oval (default fixed setup)

Sim time: 2022-02-11 14:30 1x at start of practice.

Weather: Realistic

Track state: Generated state at start of practice, rubber carries over through each session. Marbles cleaned between sessions.

Cautions: Automatic (we will have the pace car go one to green after the pits open)

Fuel capacity: 100%

Tire limit: 1 extra set in the pits

Fast Repairs: 1

GWC: 1 attempt

Initial Start double file, all restarts single file with lapped cars on the inside. Lucky dogs in effect.