Driver’s Meeting – Daytona

Welcome to the Fall 2021 season of the ASL Elite Series! We hope you’re as excited as we are to kick off this new season on Sunday night, September 12, 2021 and build upon the great racing we had last season.

We have several new drivers joining the league next season–first, welcome to ASL! One of the things we hope attracted you to our league is the culture of clean racing and respect that we enjoy here. In order for that to continue, we need ALL drivers to buy in on what is required for us to have the long green flag runs and race strategy that make our events great.

  1. Remember this isn’t A-Fixed! The races are long enough where if you’re fast, you’ll make it towards the front. There’s absolutely no reason to be making risky moves the first few laps of the race. Take what’s available, but don’t force the issue. With at least a couple pit stops required most races, it’s unlikely that aggressive moves early in the race will significantly impact where you finish (in a good way).
  2. Get to know your fellow competitors! All racers have different personalities and skills. After a few races, you’ll learn which drivers can be trusted to hold a tight line every lap, and which are still developing that skill. Some drivers may have a little more awareness of their surroundings than others. A little give and take goes a long way until you’ve developed that trust with each individual competitor.
  3. Know the limits of the setup with your driving style. Practice is a great opportunity to see how hard you can push the car safely, especially on cold tires. As we’ll be occasionally using alternate fixed setups this season, it will be especially important for everyone to have a grasp on how the car drives before they’re put in a tight spot.

Before racing with us…

  1. ASL now uses Discord for non-critical driver communication (general discussion, etc.) as well as broadcast interviews. The Race Room is available to all drivers to hang out at any time before, during and after the race. We also have private rooms available for teams. If you would like a private team room, please contact Patrick, and he can assist in setting it up.

    We recommend installing the Discord client in advance to make sure you can log in to the league server. For returning drivers, nothing has changed!
    • We recommend assigning a push-to-talk button to Discord. Go to Tools–>Options–>Hotkeys to configure. If you opt to use continuous or voice-detection, and there is a lot of background noise, we may need to mute you in order to avoid disturbing others.

2. Please be sure to review the rulebook thoroughly. Ignorance of rules is not an excuse!

Now on to Daytona…

The race server will be in the “League Sessions” area of iRacing. You will not need a password to enter as a registered driver in the league.

All drivers should be in the Discord server before Qualifying begins. Trackside Racing Network may pull in drivers for interviews under yellow flag or after the race. Most importantly, the top three finishers will be interviewed immediately after the race. The duel winners should also expect to be available for interviews immediately after their duel ends.


We anticipate a pretty big crowd for the season opener. Just in case we have more than 43 drivers show up, we have the following plan in place to ensure all drivers have an opportunity to enter the server. Although we will be using a heat race server for the event, there won’t actually be any heat races conducted.

Here’s how this will work…

  • All drivers will complete their 2 laps of qualifying.
  • If we have 43 or fewer drivers, everyone advances to the race as normal.
  • If we have more than 43 drivers, certain drivers will be given a spot in the race based on the following priorities:
    1. Any driver who is registered as a full-time driver and has paid their dues for this season gets first priority.
    2. Any unpaid/part-time drivers who finished in the Top 30 in points last season get next priority. Qualifying time will determine who gets in among that group.
    3. Finally, any unpaid/part-time drivers who are new to the league, or finished outside the Top 30 in points last season get third priority. Qualifying time will determine who gets in among that group.
  • If we need to remove drivers due to not having enough spots, that will occur at the end of qualifying, after laps are posted. Make sure to get your laps in within the first 5 minutes.
  • There is a heat race shown in the format, but that will not be conducted or have any bearing on the Daytona 250 starting grid. If the server tries to do the heat race anyways, listen to Race Control for instructions.

Stage Break:

As one of four designated crown jewel races this season, this event will feature a stage break after Lap 50 is completed. The pits will close after the leader completes 48 laps. The stage will award points for the Top 10 finishers (10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, etc.). If there is a caution that flies between Lap 45-50, that will instead count as the stage break.

Race Settings:

Sunday 9/12/2021

Server Opens: 7:15 pm Eastern (open practice)

Qualifying: 8:25 pm Eastern (2 laps, lone qualifying)

Daytona 250 Green Flag: 8:33 pm Eastern (100 laps)

Fixed Setup: Default (Daytona_2011_oval)

Sim time: 2021-09-12 13:45 1x at start of practice.

Weather: Realistic

Track state: 0% at start of practice, rubber carries over through each session. Marbles cleaned between sessions.

Cautions: Automatic.

Fuel capacity: 75%

Tire limit: 3 extra sets in the pits

GWC: 3 attempts

Penalties from previous race: None.