Driver’s Meeting – Martinsville

The race server will be in the “League Sessions” area of iRacing. You will not need a password to enter as a registered driver in the league. Entry to the server will be first come, first serve. The server this week allows for 43 maximum entries.

We ask all drivers to be in the Discord server before Qualifying begins. Trackside Racing Network may pull in drivers for interviews under yellow flag or after the race. Most importantly, the top three finishers will be interviewed immediately after the race.

As a crown jewel event, this race will include a stage break at the end of Lap 100, which pays stage points to the top 10 drivers, by order of position at the time of the caution. For this race, there will be no restrictions for green flag pitting prior to the stage break caution.

Race Settings:

Sunday 10/3/2021

Server Opens: 7:15 pm Eastern (open practice)

Qualifying: 8:20 pm Eastern (2 laps)

Race: 8:30 pm Eastern (200 laps)

Fixed Setup: martinsville (default fixed setup)

Sim time: 2021-10-03 19:15 1x at start of practice.

Weather: Realistic

Track state: 0% at start of practice, rubber carries over through each session. Marbles cleaned between sessions.

Fuel capacity: 75%

Tire limit: 3 extra sets in the pits

Cautions: Automatic

GWC: 3 attempts

Penalties from previous race:

Lap 11 – #46 cut across nose of #4 on front stretch. #46 will start next race at the rear.

Lap 16 – #6, #32 and #33 went three wide, it was unclear who was at fault, as the hole closed up quickly. No penalty. #68 also ran into back of #8, who was checking up for the wreck. After reviewing #68’s cockpit view, he couldn’t react fast enough and will not be penalized.

Lap 21 – #23 came up the track into path of #63 on the backstraight. #23 is suspended for one race due to accumulated number of at-fault incidents this season.

Lap 33 – #35 made contact with #7, trying to fit into a narrow gap. #35 will start next race from the rear.

Lap 37 – #63 was found at fault for reckless driving, as he was racing the #23 too hard as a lapped vehicle, giving no room over several consecutive laps. #63 will start next race from the rear.

Lap 67: PROTEST RECEIVED. Contact on final lap between #68 and #32. #68 ruled at fault, as he came up into the #32, who didn’t give enough room for the pass to work. #68 will start next race at the rear.

Drivers may anonymously protest drivers for additional incidents, which do not bring out a caution, within 24 hours of an event. The protest form is located under the League Info Menu on the website.

Drivers who do not agree with an admin board penalty ruling may protest to the Appeals Board. The protest form is located under the League Info Menu on the website.