Driver’s Meeting – Texas

The race server will be in the “League Sessions” area of iRacing. You will not need a password to enter as a registered driver in the league. Entry to the server will be first come, first serve. The server this week allows for 43 maximum entries.

We ask all drivers to be in the Discord server before Qualifying begins. Trackside Racing Network may pull in drivers for interviews under yellow flag or after the race. Most importantly, the top three finishers will be interviewed immediately after the race.

This is the third round of the Fall 2021 playoffs!

Race Settings:

Sunday 12/5/2021

Server Opens: 7:15 pm Eastern (open practice)

Qualifying: 8:00 pm Eastern (2 laps)

Warmup: 8:05 pm Eastern

Race: 8:30 pm Eastern (134 laps)

Fixed Setup: texas_2020_oval (default fixed setup)

Sim time: 2021-07-11 12:45 1x at start of practice.

Weather: Realistic

Track state: 0% at start of practice, rubber carries over through each session. Marbles cleaned between sessions.

Cautions: Automatic

Fuel capacity: 75%

Tire limit: 3 extra sets in the pits

GWC: 3 attempts

Penalties from previous race:

Lap 2 – #23 spun off Turn 2, and collected other drivers. This is #23’s third strike; he will be suspended next race.

Lap 48 – APPEAL RECEIVED. #93 made contact with #91 on corner exit. APPEALS BOARD RULED NO FAULT

Drivers may anonymously protest drivers for additional incidents, which do not bring out a caution, within 24 hours of an event. The protest form is located under the League Info Menu on the website.

Drivers who do not agree with an admin board penalty ruling may protest to the Appeals Board. The protest form is located under the League Info Menu on the website.