American SimRacing League is proud to host the inaugural Infinite Hero 400 at the brand new iRacing Superspeedway! The Infinite Hero 400 is a public event that serves as the league’s major fundraiser for the Infinite Hero Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting military veterans and their families in overcoming mental and physical front line issues.

The Infinite Hero 400 has been rescheduled for a future date. Please be sure to pre-register to be kept updated once the new schedule has been announced.

The iRacing Superspeedway is a fictional 3-mile oval with a storied history in the sim racing community. iRacing’s NASCAR Cup Series cars will reach speeds over 250 mph, providing a white-knuckle, grueling challenge throughout the 134-lap race distance. The event will be run with a fixed setup, providing an equal opportunity for all drivers to prove their skill.

All iRacing drivers with a “C” oval license and an oval iRating above 1,500 are invited to compete for their chance at a $250 grand prize* while also supporting a great cause! Your $20 entry fee guarantees a spot in one of the 150-mile duels^ to be held the night before the big race. If you choose to tack on an additional contribution to Infinite Hero, guaranteed starting spots in the Infinite Hero 400 will be awarded to the five drivers with the most generous donations!

Pre-registration is currently underway! There is no obligation to pre-register for the event; we will contact all interested drivers by e-mail, as we get closer to the event, to begin collecting entry fees and confirm event details.

*$250 grand prize will be awarded if the event draws at least 32 participants, per the below table.
^Duels will only be run if greater than 43 drivers register for the event. In this scenario, all registrants will automatically qualify for the Infinite Hero 400.