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Incredible Competition

Are you a stock car iRacer looking for clean racing and an ultra-competitive environment? American SimRacing League is where you’ll find the best competition on Sunday nights!

American SimRacing League showcases a talented roster of drivers (3,500+ average Oval iRating) that makes for great racing, whether you’re racing for the win or fighting through traffic mid-pack.

The statistics demonstrate the incredible depth of talent and parity in our league–in our first five seasons, 19 different drivers have found victory lane and over 40 different drivers have finished in the Top 5 at least once in our flagship Elite Series!

Compelling Events

A top priority at American SimRacing League is to challenge our drivers with exciting tracks and popular cars that combine to put forth high quality and fun racing.

The ASL Kitty Kat Coin Elite Series runs 34 events across two seasons per calendar year, and is the league’s flagship series. Our races include a stage break each week to mix up strategy, and frequently come down to green flag pit stops and long runs to decide the winner. We also feature an exciting playoff format each season to crown the series champion.

Membership in American SimRacing League also includes the ASL Super Late Model Tour presented by Law Chevrolet-Buick. The tour runs occasionally throughout the year, and visits many of the most storied short tracks across America.

ASL membership also includes several hosted special events throughout the year, including an annual All-Star Race, Clash and more!

The Elite Series features the best fixed setup stock car action on iRacing, with two seasons in 2022. The Fall 2022 season is scheduled to run the Class A Next Gen Cup Cars.
The open setup Super Late Model Tour convenes occasionally with a fun heat race format. Races take places during off weekends in the Elite Series schedule.

All American SimRacing League events take place on Sunday evenings, with the green flag dropping at 8:30 pm Eastern Time. All events are broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook Live by our broadcasting partner, Trackside Racing Network.

Most races take place on Sunday evenings on the following schedule:

Practice (Server Opens): 7:30 pm Eastern Time
Qualifying: 8:15 pm Eastern Time
Warmup: 8:20 pm Eastern Time
Green Flag: 8:30 pm Eastern Time

Great Prizes

  • Each Elite Series and Super Late Model season champion will receive a trophy and championship prize.
  • Other prize offerings each season are provided by outstanding league partners such as Kitty Kat Coin, Law Chevrolet-Buick, MPI, ButtKicker, Maconi Setup Shop and Splash ‘N Go Graphics.
  • Each season includes a Dash for Cash, which will allow drivers to compete for cash prizes throughout the season.
  • All pole winners from the previous year are guaranteed entry to the ASL Clash, which takes place prior to the spring season.
  • All race winners from the previous year are guaranteed entry to the main event of the annual ASL All-Star Race, which takes place prior to the fall season.
  • The full-time driver with the fewest incident points over the course of each Elite Series season will win the $10 safest driver bonus.

Application Process

A minimum iRating between 2,000 and an A/B Class oval license is typical of drivers approved to race with ASL without invitation from a current league member. We do make some limited exceptions for drivers with prior league experience or other credentials. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age in order to participate. All driver applications are reviewed by the admin board prior to approval.

Before you apply, please make sure that ASL is a good fit for your sim racing goals and driving style. We go to great lengths to protect our quality of racing, and hold all drivers accountable for their actions on track. Be sure to read the rules thoroughly, especially the Elite Series Rulebook penalties section. Drivers that are repeatedly found at fault for incidents don’t tend to stick around long, or they learn to adapt their driving in order to be able to.

  1. Submit the below application form to begin the review process. The admin board will review your credentials and will usually confirm acceptance within 24 hours.
  2. After your application is approved, you will receive an email with further instructions, including an invitation to join the official iRacing League page. Be sure to check your iRacing messages for the invitation; if you don’t accept admittance to the iRacing league page, you will be unable to join any league sessions.
  3. Dues are only $15 per six month period. If you choose to run part time or join mid-season, there is no charge, but you won’t be eligible for the Elite Series playoffs or prize offerings.
  4. All drivers are encouraged to join the ASL Drivers Facebook Group. Most official communication as well as casual discussions with other drivers happens in this group, so joining is highly recommended!

New Driver Application