Paint Scheme Guidelines


Upon joining the league, competitors will be able to reserve their preferred car number. Competitors may select any available one or two-digit number.

Car numbers will remain reserved as long as the competitor remains in good standing with the league and has paid all required dues on time. In the event that a member does not pay any outstanding dues by the communicated deadline, their reserved car number will be available for other drivers to claim.

Drivers may change their number prior to the beginning of each season. Number changes will not be permitted after the season starts.


Trading Paints must be used to ensure your paint scheme is visible to competitors and the broadcast; competitors are responsible for uploading their own custom paint scheme to the Trading Paints service; otherwise a default iRacing scheme will appear.

Custom number paint schemes are permitted, however the assigned car number MUST be clearly visible. Competitors can confirm their assigned number on the league members listing in iRacing and on the Roster page of the league website.

For the Elite Series, custom numbers MUST appear on the passenger side of the nose on or under the headlight and on the passenger side rear bumper (in the designated number box locations). Roof numbers MUST be readable from the driver’s side of the vehicle. Numbers on the doors must be located in their designated location—behind the front wheels (Next Gen) or door (Xfinity).

Front windshield banners are required to remain stock using the iRacing paint template format. Custom logos in place of the manufacturer (for A car) or Xfinity series logo (for B car) are not permitted.

Rear windshield banners are required to remain black, free from any logos or text as the iRacing software stamps the driver name in this location.