Strikes will be posted in the #drivers-meeting text channel in Discord following each race.

Per the Elite Series Rulebook:

1st strike of season = start next race at the rear

2nd strike of season = start next race from the pits

3rd strike of the season = 30-second hold under green flag

4th strike of the season = further penalties, race suspension or removal from league, at Admin/Appeals Board discretion

For every four consecutive races that are completed with 0 strikes, one strike will be removed from that driver’s season total.

Driver# StrikesExpires After
Rafael Rodrigues3Race 14
Todd Cray1Race 13
Derek Pemberton2Race 14
Jerry Cochran III1Race 14
Johnny Avila1Race 14
Duane Hunt1Race 15
Mark Jenkins4Race 15
Darryn Clement2Race 15