Updated after Road America

Driver# StrikesOne Strike Expires After
Mark Jenkins4Susp
Rafael Rodrigues3Race 7
Gary May1Race 5
Jeff Yenisch1Race 5
Shane Gross1Race 5
Cody Blackmore1Race 7
Jacob Szala1Race 7
William Kempf1Race 7
Landen Ciardullo1Race 7

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this specific penalty system used?

Since ASL does not use live race control, a post-race review of incidents is completed by the admin board after each event. The strike system and appeals process is intended to ensure consistent and fair rulings for all drivers. The system is designed to hold drivers accountable for doing their part to prevent incidents with other drivers.

Given the competitive nature of our league, it is not uncommon for even the top echelon of drivers to incur strikes on occasion. That being said, it is unusual for our more successful drivers to incur more than two strikes; drivers who find themselves accumulating multiple strikes throughout a season are expected to evaluate their preparation and decision-making and make the necessary shifts to avoid further incidents.

Where are incident rulings announced?

Strikes will be posted in the #drivers-meeting text channel in Discord following each race.

What penalties are associated with strikes?

Per the Elite Series Rulebook, penalties escalate as drivers accumulate strikes on their record.

1st strike = start next race at the rear

2nd strike = start next race from the pits

3rd strike = start from rear and 30-second hold penalty under green

4th strike = further penalties, race suspension or removal from league, at Admin Board discretion

How are rulings determined?

The admin board reviews replays of each incident from multiple camera angles, including on-board cameras from each involved driver, to assess the incident. Any admin/appeals board drivers involved in the incident will abstain from participating in the review process for that incident.

I disagree with a ruling. How can I appeal?

Drivers may appeal admin board rulings by submitting an appeal. The Appeals Board, which is made up of representatives from each qualified team, as well as an independent driver, will review the incident and either uphold or overturn the penalty. The Appeals Board also has oversight over penalty severity when suspensions or expulsions are issued by the Admin Board.

I was involved in an incident, but the admin board did not issue a ruling. How can I have the incident reviewed?

The admin board only reviews incidents that bring out yellow flags, or if another driver files a protest. If you wish for an incident to be reviewed, please submit a protest.

Is there a way to have my record cleared?

For every four scheduled races with zero additional strikes accumulated, one strike will be removed from that driver’s total.