About the ASL Elite Series

The Elite Series represents the top level of competition within the American SimRacing League.  Drivers in this series are held to a high standard of car control and racecraft, which often results in extended green flag runs and strategy playing a significant part in determining race winners.

The Elite Series currently runs two seasons annually, with the Spring season slated to use the NASCAR Xfinity Series cars, and the Fall season scheduled to use the NASCAR Cup Series cars.  Elite Series races take place on Sunday evenings on the following schedule:

Practice (Server Opens): 7:30 pm Eastern Time
Qualifying: 8:15 pm Eastern Time
Green Flag:  8:30 pm Eastern Time

All events are broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook Live by our broadcasting partner, WFO Racing Network.


  • Each season champion will receive a championship trophy. 
  • The winner of the Clash (Spring Season) and All-Star Race (Fall season) will each win a $25 prize.
  • The full-time driver with the fewest incident points over the course of the season will win the $10 safest driver bonus.
  • Other exciting prizes are awarded during the season by our partners including Law Chevrolet-Buick, Buttkicker and Splash ‘N Go Graphics. 

Playoff Format:

The Elite Series features an exciting playoff format that awards its 12 berths by race wins and regular season points positioning.  Similar to current NASCAR formats, drivers will earn their shot at a championship by performing when it matters most, in the heat of the playoffs.


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